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Episode 45. The Fated Duel! Ace VS Regina!

Happy New Year!

Three days ago I watched the forty-fifth episode.

This episode showed to me the very reason as to why the PreCure do not fight for destiny and/or revenge, because it is depressing. It was simply sad and depressing that Aguri held no other way of thinking but fighting Regina until the end due to fate.
Mana, being the cheery and good-will girl that she is, always tries to bring win-to-win situations for everyone whether be friends, family, or completely strangers.

Even if it did not have as much impact on me for Joe to discover and retrieve the Golden Crown, nonetheless, I'm glad he's back again in the storyline.

Furthermore, I'm very excited to see what happens on the next episode, because the preview to me pointed out that they are going to reveal the origin. That is that the fates for both Marie Ange and King Jikochuu are intertwined, or that's what I'm thinking right now.
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