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This might be a bit long since I am commenting on quite few chapters (3 to 6 I think).

ch 3:
- I really the Reunion between Honoka and Kotori & Umi was well done with good music choice . As well following scene for flavory and me meeting Kotori and Umi.
- Windy & Chika's dynamic continues to be quite enjoyable
- Hooves' reaction to Haak's slipping madness over Saten is quite appropriate .
- Akuma Kousaka's L-RIG has been left as mystery for quite awhile... I wonder who it is... , must be someone with some willpower to keep haak in check.
- I was surprised to be given the good fortune of being chosen to get to battle Tatsuya with all he's done especially toward Honoka & Kotori, I am happy for the chance to try to take him down a level.

ch 4:
-Umi brings up a legit point about match throwing possibility here, though Honoka counters it well.
- I'd pity Umi's lack of sleep had I not envied her for getting to hear those two singing together .
- The provoking comments towards Cell were quite funny though probably just as dangerous to make as they were funny.

ch 5:
- I don't understand how Cell can have such a non-reaction to something as cute as Moefox's transformation, it defies logic.
- Kotori's passive ability in practice seems way more impressive than I thought it would be in theory.
- Wow, such an oversight in programming by Jinnai to allow such an ally into being an L-RIG of a random person .
- Though I agree with Umi what luck indeed to draw all 3 quick bladers to allow for such a cheese tier victory too out cheese the lord of cheese himself in shadowverse .

ch 6:
- Umi still isn't past the throwing the match possibility somewhat understandably though she should know that doing then would still only give Jinnai 4 coins unless flavory started with 2 coins?
- I wonder when we'll get to see Flavory and Umi play vs someone.
- Very clever and interesting addition with Satomi Kou.
- Windy calling forest more like haunted hollows was amusingly accurate line.
- Windy and Hooves match was quite fun dialogue wise and a truly close match ^^.
- Wow's Haak coin bet is pretty absurd, I wonder if Saten has a lackluster passive to make up for that. And of course that meme won't die about Amelia Emilia.
- The twist for Kogetsu's true form caught me quite surprised .
- Hey I'd Napolean maybe , but the others Satomi lists no way.
- The Jinnai vs Satomi match was quite a war of words, I was taken a back a bit by how bold Jinnai's wish was I could understand why Honoka would feel hesitant about such a wish.
- Satomi's Black Hole seems like quite the over the top ability , quite a twist there .
- This chapter especially had some music choices I felt.
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