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Diabolic Drain. commanded Tatsuya Dark, as he sliced through the air with a ninety degrees cutting motion of his right arm.

This was how Blood-playing Tatsuya began his sixth turn in his match against Forest-playing Kotohono and Kotori. At this point in the match, there was only one Forest follower on the board, largely because of multiple evolve points use and mutually destructive follower clashes. Kotori's flight and Kotohono's followers had managed to reduce Tatsuya to 9 health, particularly since Kotohono had been successful in destroying both of Tatsuya's Unica healers. As for Kotohono's own health, she now stood at 14 health due to various attacks by Miyuki and Tatsuya's followers.

But Diabolic Drain was about to change that, especially due to how Tatsuya was now just below 10 health and so he was in Vengeance status. This makes some of his cards more powerful or less expensive to play. One such card is Diabolic Drain, with its casting cost drastically reduced by being in Vengeance. Diabolic Drain deals 4 damage to any one follower, enabling Tatsuya to destroy the only follower currently in play for Kotohono. In addition to this, Diabolic Drain gives the user 2 health, bringing Tatsuya back up to 11 health. Now Tatsuya was about to begin his next and more startling play.

Tatsuya's Way.” stated Tatsuya Dark, playing a spell card targeting his LRIG Miyuki.

“Tatsuya's Way?” asked a stunned Kotohono, “What is that card?”

“And isn't it against the rules for LRIGs to be the direct target of a spell?” asked Kotori.

“You forget that my precious Onii-sama is a Gary Stu.” replied a smirking Miyuki, “That means he can hack and overcome any silly rule.”

“So I've done so with Tatsuya's Way.” added Tatsuya grimly, “It is effectively an enhanced Limil's Way. Enhanced in that I can play it on Miyuki. And by doing so, I now give her drain. I also grow her to 3/3 and have her attack!”

Drain essentially turns a follower, on in this case a LRIG, into a vampire. A vampire that gives 1 health to his or her leader for every 1 damage done directly to the enemy leader. So with Miyuki having drain, she was now able to do 3 damage to Kotohono while restoring 3 additional health to Tatsuya. So Tatsuya's sixth turn ended with him taking the lead in the match, 14 health to Kotohono's 11!

“Impressive, Tatsuya.” said Kotohono, now sweating a little as she began her sixth turn, “But not impressive enough! Fairy Beast!”

Fairy Beast looks like a majestic lion, just with a large glistening silver necklace around his neck, and fairy wings upon his back. He has 4 attack and 4 defense, and he restores 1 health to his leader for each card she has in her hand. In this case, that is 3 cards, restoring Kotohono back to 14 health. At the same time, Kotori was now at 4 attack and 4 defense, being only one growth short of full growth. As such, Kotori was now wearing her Yume no Tobira outfit, which is highly reminiscent of the attire of ancient Rome and of mythical amazons. However, Kotohono decided not to attack with Kotori.

“End turn.” said Kotohono.

“Wait, why aren't you attacking with me?” asked Kotori.

“Clever, Kotohono.” stated Tatsuya, “You didn't want to put me back into Vengeance.”

“Exactly.” replied Kotohono, before addressing Kotori, “If I attacked with you this turn, Kotori, it would drop Tatsuya to exactly 10 health, just barely low enough for him to be back in Vengeance. A decision my friend Pocari_Sweat would never approve of!”

This had been a wise choice by Kotohono, as Tatsuya then drew a card that would have been very helpful if he was in Vengeance. But thanks to Kotohono's choice, this card was now not even useful enough to be worth playing. So instead, Tatsuya used his seventh turn to play the very popular spell card Dance of Death, destroying Kotohono's Fairy Beast while also doing 2 direct damage to Kotohono. In addition to this, Tatsuya grew Miyuki to 4/4, and had her attack Kotohono! So at the end of Tatsuya's seventh turn, he stood at 14 health while Kotohono had been reduced to 8 health.

“There's no hope whatsoever for you now, Kotohono.” said Miyuki proudly.

“Say that to my Ancient Elf!” exclaimed Kotohono in confident reply, beginning her seventh turn.

Kotohono began that seventh turn by playing Fairy Whisperer, a truly elegant fairy in lovely short white robe over a short green dress. As for her overall appearance...

“She looks like me!” said Kotori, gleeful at the sight, “Just me with elf ears.”

“You'll look even more beautiful than her with me growing you to full growth, Kotori!” exclaimed Kotohono cheerfully.

Kotohono then did so, resulting in Kotori herself now looking like a fairy! Kotori now had on the most ravishing rainbow-colored raiment, showcasing her shoulders and midriff beautifully. Even more notably was how Kotori now had two large fairy wings coming out of her back.

Kotohono's Fairy Whisperer is only 1/1, but she gives Kotohono two free fairies. Kotohono played one of the fairies, and then played Ancient Elf! Ancient Elf has short straight silver hair, and wears dark green warrior garb, fitting for a skillful elf archer. Ancient Elf is a 2/3 ward follower, and when she comes into play, all allied followers return to player's hand. For each follower returned this way, Ancient Elf gets one extra attack and defense. Since Ancient Elf did so to Fairy Whisperer and one standard fairy, she was rose to 4/5. Kotohono again chose to not attack with Kotori, ending her turn.

“So fearful of my Vengeance, aren't you?” asked Tatsuya rhetorically, with a raised eyebrow and grin, “Appropriate, but your cagey play-style will not save you!”

Tatsuya's eighth and ninth turns, and Kotohono's eighth turn, were then spent in mutually destructive follower clashes, as each player used up their one remaining evolve point. In addition to this, Kotohono managed to force Tatsuya to waste Miyuki's drain in having her destroy ward followers, including two Ancient Elves. These attacks also forced Tatsuya to use an invaluable healing spell on Miyuki herself.

Nonetheless, Kotohono's ninth turn would begin with Tatsuya at 14 health and Kotohono at a mere 4 health.

“You're finished, Kotohono.” stated Tatsuya confidently, “And with your defeat, my greatest wish will be realized.”

“Before we defeat her, I can't help but wonder what her wish was going to be.” stated Miyuki.

“I've thought about that.” replied Kotohono, “I've talked a lot about it with Hooves. I've considered wishing for a world that is more accepting of LGBT people. As a symphogear, I've also considered wishing for a world free of Noise creatures. Those wishes and others I'm considering. But what I wish for now is your defeat, Miyuki and Tatsuya. And that is a wish that I'm about to have granted!”

“What?!” asked Miyuki in shock.

Kotohono had her fully grown Kotori attack for 5 damage, reducing Tatsuya to 9 health. And then Kotohono played her favorite card.

Silver Bolt.” stated Kotohono, referring to the 9 cost spell card that deals 9 damage to any one enemy, which can include the enemy leader.

A brightly smiling Kotori then felt a lightning bolt appear in her hand.

“Now I know how Honoka must have felt when she destroyed Gilgamesh's Gates of Babylon with the overwhelming fiery might of Katsuhiko's soul gem.” Kotori stated in joyous remembrance, “For now I will do something similar to you, Tatsuya, with this bolt of lightning!”

With Kotori hurling that bolt at Tatsuya as though it was the mightiest javelin, Kotohono won. And so Kotohono came closer to being able to make a wish. Reminding her to...

Chapter 7
Be Careful What You Wish For

While Kotohono and Kotori had succeeded in their mission, the same could not currently be said of Dr. Casey and his three puella magi allies. Still, temporary setbacks had to be put aside in order to deal with immediate threats.

“We're doing this now?” asked an agitated Mami Tomoe, standing in one of the corridors of Dr. Gero's main fortress, “Shouldn't we all head after Homura first?”

“I also want to pay back that Apostle punk!” exclaimed Kyouko, making a tight fist.

“I still haven't determined where Dr. Gero teleported off with Homura.” answered Dr. Casey, “And Cell still provides a perfectly pressing problem for us to deal with it, as Fate just made clear.”

“Right.” added in Fate Testarossa, having sliced and diced her way through walls of rocky fortress in order to meet up with Dr. Casey and Sayaka, “Kogetsu Shirogane is currently fighting Cell in Wonderland. But we don't know how long he can handle Cell. So it's time to use Tuxedo R's last resort!”

“Involving that new-fangled contraption Dr. Casey made.” stated a slightly skeptical Kyouko, as she held her spear behind her neck and across broad shoulders and lifted arms, “No offense, Doc, but is that tin-can trustworthy? It better not harm Sayaka any!”

“The warm wish fusion reactor operates on the same basic principles as the device Tuxedo R successfully used a few years back to help save Christmas.” answered Dr. Casey, “I've also tested out the WWF Reactor on myself and three others, and it did what it's designed to, without any noticeable adverse reactions. I'm confident that Sayaka, Nanoha, Santa Claus, and Tuxedo R will all be fine!”

“I'm a little nervous since Honoka would have suited this plan more than Santa, as great as Santa is...” stated Sayaka, “But Dr. Casey and Tuxedo R have always come through for me in the past, so I'm willing to trust them again.”

“But just how long is this fusion supposed to last for, huh?” asked Kyouko.

“No more than five hours.” answered Dr. Casey, “Hopefully that will be enough time.”

“And there's no more time to talk this through.” stated Fate, “I'm worried about Nanoha just like Kyouko is worried about Sayaka, but we'll all be in deep trouble if Cell isn't defeated.”

“Right.” replied Sayaka, “So take me and Dr. Casey's device to Nanoha, Santa, and Tuxedo R. It's time to make this happen!”

While Sayaka prepared to make a temporary friendly farewell to Kyouko, a much less friendlier exit was being made by Satomi Kou.

“Well, that
was even more satisfying than I thought it would be.” a smug Satomi said to a sneering Jinnai, “But I'll save further gloating for later.”

“Don't think you'll get away with this.” Jinnai shouted at Satomi, while also pumping a fist at him, “I will have my revenge on you!”

“Already talking like a villain again, Jinnai?” asked Satomi teasingly, “You sure you want to do that given how your LRIG probably feels right now? Speaking of which, I'll leave her to you. Carnival and I eagerly look forward to our next match against you!”

And with that, Satomi and Carnival headed off for now, leaving Jinnai behind to seethe in anger and frustration. But Jinnai wasn't the only one feeling such emotions right now, as the crestfallen leader of μ's prepared to confront him anew.

“How could you do this to me?” Honoka asked tersely, “I brought μ's all the way to an alien planet just to put on a performance for the Bugrom people that you love. You were one of only sixty people that Kotori and I invited to our wedding. Most importantly, I've trusted you with my own daughter!”

“And I have never betrayed that trust!” exclaimed Jinnai with an arm thrust into the air.

“In fact, your daughter adores me.” continued Jinnai with proud serene smile, “She loves the fantasy stories I tell her, and she even dubbed me 'Uncle J', ha ha ha ha ha!”

“That's why this hurts so much.” replied Honoka, with tear droplets in the corners of her eyes, “How could you lie to me after all of that?!”

“I didn't lie to you.” answered Jinnai, “I told you that I needed your help to stop Tatsuya, which is the truth! I never said that I intended to save Homura specifically. That's just something you and Miss Sonoda and Miss Minami all assumed.”

“No, I never assumed that, Katsuhiko.” stated a special someone, making her entrance.

“Kotori!” exclaimed Honoka happily, very relieved to see Kotori right now.

“Miss Minami!” shouted Jinnai, relieved as well but also very curious, “Were you successful in defeating Tatsuya?”

“Yes.” confirmed Kotori with a smile, “But the thanks should go to Kotohono. She's a terrific Shadowverse player!”

“Aw thanks, Kotori, that's very nice of you to say.” said Kotohono, blushing over this compliment, “But I'm concerned over Honoka and Jinnai. It sounded like you two were fighting!”

“Did something happen?” asked a very concerned Kotori.

“It's a long story.” answered Jinnai after a deep sigh, while Honoka gazed sadly at the ground.

Kotori took careful note of Honoka's unusual expression of sadness.

“Katsuhiko, please allow me to talk privately with my wife.” Kotori said to him.

“...Very well.” replied Jinnai after quick intense consideration of Kotori's request, “I need to go clear my head anyway. I'll be waiting for you and Honoka at a river embankment a short walk from here, once you're done talking.”

Jinnai then eagerly walked off, as he truly did feel a need to get away right now.

“Now, Kotohono, in spite of what your very name implies...” Kotori said cheekily to her.

“Right, right, I'll give you privacy as well.” replied Kotori, “I wanted to go catch up with Hooves anyway~”

Speaking of Hooves, she was currently having a nice chat with Freyja, Haak, and Saten. The four were enjoying cups of coffee, quickly made by both Hooves and Saten after commandeering an otherwise empty Micky D's. They were also catching up on each others game experiences to date, while all comfortably sitting at a four-person table.

“Wow, Haak, your match against Biba Las Vegas sounds really cool!” stated Hooves.

“I bet even Messer would have been impressed with his victory!” added in Freyja perkily, fondly remembering the ace pilot who helped motivate and train Hayate.

“I appreciate the compliments, but now I'm back to having shit-all to play against.” replied Haak in a slightly dejected tone of voice, “Unless you want to have a match against me, Hooves!”

“Sorry, Haak, but I'd rather not tangle with your coin effect!” replied Hooves, “Plus, I'm not sure I want to risk losing to two friends in a row.”

“Speaking of which, where did this Windy head off to?” asked Saten.

“Shortly after our match ended, she was challenged to another match by Kousei Arima.” answered Hooves.

“From what Hooves told me, he's one of the best piano players on Earth!” exclaimed Freyja.

“I wonder why he challenged Windy specifically...” mused Hooves, “Ah well, it's no big deal. At least we can have a nice break right now, and enjoy some coffee.”

“Honestly, I wish I could get out of this hollow game realm so I could get back out there and help my friends against fucking Perfect Cell!” exclaimed Haak.

“That's mighty courageous and admirable of you, Haak.” stated Saten, causing Haak's normally yellow star-head to briefly blush bright red.

“Yeah, don't worry sharp-tongue star-head dude!” exclaimed Frejya to Haak, “I'm sure you'll find someone else to play against soon.”

“I don't know about that.” replied Haak gruffly, after downing the rest of his coffee, “It seems like the only people willing to play against me are emo pretty boys with daddy issues. Where's Kylo Ren when you need him!”

Freyja, Hooves, and Saten all laughed loudly over Haak's joke. But two people not laughing much right now were Kogetsu Shirogane and Perfect Cell.

The skies and terrain of Wonderland now played host to a simply stupendous struggle that threatened to be greater than Wonderland could handle at all. Mid-air joust after mid-air joust left sights like crackling lightning and sounds like tumultuous thunder in its wake. Also resulting from this clash was great ginormous gusts of wind, as Kogetsu and Cell both wildly swung against each other with enough speed to dodge a racing card and enough force to destroy it! Perfect Cell grunted loudly and with optimistic rage, while Kogetsu was more quiet verbally. But both were decidedly loud in their effect upon the landscape, as Kogetsu had succeeded in throwing Cell through several hard castle walls, while Cell had managed to send Kogetsu hurtling through four tremendously tall trees with a massive uppercut to the face!

Thankfully, such destruction tended to result only from their larger swipes against each other, as even more rapid multi-hit combos focused on gradually wearing down the opponent's body than on delivering a knockout blow. Cell held the upper-hand when it came to such quick multi-hit precision strikes, unfortunately for Kogetsu, and so it seemed like it would only be a short matter of time until Cell would emerge victorious.

Thankfully for Kogetsu, he had friends in Wonderland, including a powerful and talented one named Alice Margatroid. Alice had carefully watched the entire Cell vs. Kogetsu fight unfold, from a safe distance away. And Alice now steeled herself to soon take action in order to save her friend Kogetsu. Alice's feelings in this matter are ones that Akuma Kousaka could certainly relate to, as he currently felt much the same way towards his friend and master Akuma Homura.

To that end, Akuma Kousaka had challenged FlavoryFantasy to a match! A match that was part of a carefully conceived master plan. But before the Haven-playing Akuma would explain that to the Rune-playing Flavory, the identity of a certain LRIG would become a subject of much surprise.

Fuuka Reventon!” exclaimed Flavory Fantasy, surprised at the identity of Akuma Kousaka's LRIG, currently wearing her standard green and white match attire.

“You know me?” asked a startled slender Fuuka, with short brunette hair and emerald green eyes, “I figured the only Earthlings that would know me are Vivio's mom Nanoha, and Nanoha's closest friends and family members.”

“They're far from the only people of Earth that now know of Midchilda.” stated Flavory's LRIG Umi Sonoda with a grin, starting out in her cute light blue Start!Dash outfit, “You can partially thank TSAB Admiral Jinnai for that!”

“Heh. I can imagine that Jinnai couldn't help but regale all of μ's with tales of his TSAB exploits.” stated Akuma Kousaka, “And given what some μ's members are like...”

“Yeah, word has gotten around some.” replied Flavory, shyly smiling, “Anyway, Fuuka, it's really neat to meet such a talented and successful competitive fighter like yourself!”

“T-thank you.” responded Fuuka, feeling a little embarrassed by the attention, “But remember, this isn't about me. This is about helping Homura!”

“Right.” added Akuma Kousaka, “And that's why I chose you as my first opponent, Umi. Through talking with you and Bandit Keith, I know that the three of us all have slightly different wishes, but either of those wishes will help Homura!”

“Yes.” replied Umi, “And sadly, you raised a good point to me earlier about Jinnai's trustworthiness here. His statements about his wish have sounded like the evasive words of a politician.”

“I think he's being very careful to not tell lies to you or Honoka or Kotori, out of respect for all of you.” stated Akuma Kousaka, “But what he doesn't say is crucially important. And so it falls to you, or Bandit Keith, or myself, to help Homura!”

“So let's get through this match as fast as possible!” exclaimed Flavory, “Then whoever wins this match will face Bandit Keith.”

“Let's just hope that Bandit Keith wins his first match.” stated Umi.

Bandit Keith and his red, white, and blue Haven deck was beginning to battle it out with Hanamaru Kunikida and her red Dragon deck.

“Red is an excellent color when combined with blue and white, but by itself, it means you're a no-good dirty commie!” shouted a scowling Bandit Keith pointing one finger at Hanamaru, “And that's why I'm going to win this card cold war... in America!

“With an actual μ's member as my LRIG, I'm not going to lose here or anywhere, Zura~!” exclaimed Hanamaru in sparkling sharply smiling reply.

Hanamaru was referring to her LRIG Rin Hoshizora! Hanamaru was wearing a very long yellow skirt, held neatly in place by a braided burgundy belt. She also had on a elegant silk white dress shirt with a black open collar. As for Rin, she starts in her Korekara no Someday outfit, which includes a dark purple vest over a sleeveless white dress shirt. It also includes puffy orange shorts with large yellow polka dots, and yellowish cat-ears on her head!

Bandit Keith was in his standard attire, while his LRIG Magical Girl USA Kaname Madoka was in her American flag based outfit!

The first few turns of Bandit Keith's match with Hanamaru went by in a flash, with both players making quick decisive plays geared towards particular overall strategies. Turns four through nine went by almost as fast, with both players quickly burning through their evolve points and favoring follower trade-offs over 'attacking face'. In other words, both players tried to gain board control, resulting in many mutually destructive follower clashes. Overall, Hanamaru had been slightly more successful in getting damage through, but the ninth turn would end with Bandit Keith having a decided board advantage with two strong ward followers on the field. Hanamaru was slightly impressed, as she was amazed that Bandit Keith could handle playing at all! Since...

“How can you manage to play a card game with shades on? ~Zura!” asked Hanamaru.

“A proud American should be able to do anything while wearing shades!” exclaimed Bandit Keith in answer, “Our shades are so deadly hot that they are covered under the Second Amendment, which empowers Americans everywhere, especially in America!”

“That guy sure likes talking about America.” said Hanamaru to herself.

“That girl sure like talking about whoever this Zura is.” said Bandit Keith to himself.

“Your shades won't protect you from nyan's claws!” shouted Rin at Bandit Keith, while making a cat-like smile and cat-like clawing motions.

“That's right, Rin-chan!” exclaimed Hanamaru gleefully, “And it also won't protect him at all from my next Zuratastic play. I summon Bahamut!

Bahamut is arguably Shadowverse's greatest follower, and the bane of Haven players everywhere! Bahamut is a humongous shiny black dragon with a fiery destructive aura that completely destroys everything else in play when he comes into play. He also has a highly impressive 13 attach and 13 defense!

Nyow you're in for it!” Rin said cheerfully to Bandit Keith, with Rin now fully grown and wearing her pink and white Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari outfit, “You're at the end of your rope.”

“When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it, and hang on.” replied Magical Girl USA Kaname Madoka, quoting Franklin D. Roosevelt.

“Right on, Madoka!” shouted Bandit Keith, making a punching motion, “And never count out a real American in America!”

It was now Bandit Keith's tenth turn, and he started it out with a bang!

“I now play Call of Duty, The Constitution, and Freedom Bird!” exclaimed Bandit Keith, referring to Beastcall Aria, Hallowed Dogma, and Garuda, “Together they ensure total victory in America!”

Beastcall Aria is an amulet countdown that eventually provides two followers, a strong 4/4 white tiger and a 2/1 storming bird. Hallowed Dogma conveniently reduces amulet countdowns by 2, while also giving a card draw. “Freedom Bird” is in fact a good nickname for Garuda, as he looks like a cross between a griffin and a large humanoid bald eagle! Garuda does 3 direct damage to the enemy leader upon being played, and also helps an amulet countdown by 3. So Hallowed Dogma and Garuda meant that Beastcall Aria would produce two new followers right away.

“And I'm not done yet!” shouted Bandit Keith with a grin, “Coin Bet!”

Make America Great Again.” stated Kaname Madoka in ominous deadpan, quoting Donald J. Trump.

“This coin bet gives us a Great Wall of America!” exclaimed Bandit Keith with punchy patriotic pride, “Which means all of my followers get ward. This coin bet also means that one enemy follower is banished! So sorry, Bahamut, but you have to go back. You're not welcomed in America!”

“That's an impressive coin bet effect...” said Rin nervously.

“Yeah, it is, but don't worry, I have ward followers that will help us turn the tide at the beginning of my next turn.” replied Hanamaru.

But much to Hanamaru's shock and awe...

“Wait, I'm missing 3 pp points for some reason!” she exclaimed, at the beginning of her eleventh turn.

“It's because I built a wall and made you pay for it!” exclaimed Bandit Keith smugly, “That's the third effect of Make America Great Again. For every follower that the effect gives ward to, you have to pay a 1 pp point toll in America!”

“T-then there's nothing I can do, Zura!” shouted a very saddened Hanamaru, “I'm so sorry, Rin-chan...”

“It's Ok...” replied Rin, making a soft forgiving smile, “You did your Rubesty!”

“I would regret defeating a friend of my Team America team-mate Mari Ohara except that as a proud American I am genetically incapable of feeling regret!” exclaimed Bandit Keith proudly in reply, “But to soothe you in your defeat, Madoka will provide a fitting quote made in America!”

“Observe good faith and justice towards all nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all.” stated Madoka with a smile, quoting George Washington.

These warm wonderful words did serve to soothe Hanamaru and Rin some, as Bandit Keith would use his three followers and a fully grown Madoka to win on his next turn! While Bandit Keith and Madoka prepared to celebrate their victory, Honoka Kousaka would tell her wife Kotori about Jinnai's sad defeat and shocking wish reveal. This discussion was held far inside of an otherwise empty clothes store.

“So that's what happened.” Kotori said to Honoka, after hearing the full story from her, “Well, I'm not entirely surprised.”

“You're not?” asked a somewhat surprised Honoka.

“Honoka, you have to remember that Katsuhiko is a TSAB Admiral.” replied Kotori, “I'm sure he's had to make many tough decisions in that position of great responsibility. Decisions over which lives to prioritize in pinch situations against difficult enemies or dangerous terrorists. In a position like that, it's very hard to be an idealist.”

Kotori's words caused Honoka to express some quiet doubts that had been building up inside of her.

“So do you think that Mr. J is right and that I'm wrong?” Honoka asked.

“Do you think that?” Kotori asked in turn.

“I...I don't know.” Honoka answered, her voice shaking, “I know he means well. And I know he has a point. And maybe it is very selfish to focus so much on Homura when billions of people could be helped...”

“We both know very well how truly terrible the puella magi system is.” replied Kotori, “We know that from Sayaka. And we also know that from what it once did to you.”

“Yeah, I know...” stated Honoka, feeling overwhelmed by her thoughts and emotions, as tears rushed to her eyes and her voice began to crack a little, “But this just feels wrong to me, Kotori. It feels so wrong to just give up on Homura like that!”

Kotori then made a soft sweet smile towards Honoka, as Kotori gestured slowly to warmly embrace her wife. Honoka began to cry on Kotori's shoulder.

“I know.” Kotori said softly to Honoka, while petting Honoka's hair, “And I know that your heart is always good and strong, and that's why you should go with your heart. I will always support you and your choices, no matter what. And I completely understand why you feel the way you do when it comes to this choice. In fact...”

Kotori maintained her embrace of Honoka, but pulled back with her upper body in order to look Honoka in the eye.

“This is one of the many reasons why I love you, Honoka.” stated Kotori with such sweetly syrupy charm.

Kotori then opened her lips and very affectionately pressed them against Honoka's. Kotori kissed Honoka, in a gesture of great love, in the hopes of bringing needed comfort to her wife.

“I love you to, Kotori.” Honoka replied, her voice muffled by her tears of relief, as she once more laid her head to rest on Kotori's shoulders.

“I am very thankful for the life that I have.” Kotori stated, “I feel blessed to have had you and Umi as dear friends when I was a child. I loved Otonokizaka Academy, and μ's was incredible. I've met so many colorful, cheerful, charismatic people. So many inspirational people. And yes, Katsuhiko is near the top of that list.”

Kotori then once more pulled back with her upper body in order to look Honoka in the eye.

“Katsuhiko is an amazing person.” continued Kotori, “But you know, Nico Yazawa is pretty impressive herself. And so is Eli Ayase. And so is Tsubasa Kira. Do you see what I'm saying, Honoka?”

Kotori then released Honoka from her embrace, while Honoka wiped away her tears.

“Yeah... Yeah, I do!” exclaimed Honoka, now feeling invigorated and inspired.

“Nobody is more amazing than you are, not even Katsuhiko.” stated Kotori, “So go to him. Talk to him. I know you can get through to him. I know you can convince him to change his wish.”

Yeah.” stated Honoka confidently, “Yeah, I will do that! Thanks so much, Kotori! But what do you plan to do?”

“Kotohono and I will take care of Satomi.” said Kotori with fiercely fiery eyes.

While Kotori prepared to take care of Satomi, a different threat appeared to be beyond anybody's ability to take care of.

Kogetsu Shirogane's mirror began to brightly glow, much to the concern of the onlooking Darthtabby and m0ef0xZer0. Then two bright yellowish bolts of light came shooting out of the mirror, causing Darthtabby and 0utf0xZer0 to avert their eyes due to its almost blinding brightness. But once the two lights faded away, they revealed two important people. The first is the bruised and unconscious body of Kogetsu Shirogane, in his unbound Sorcerer form. The other is the pretty blond doll-manipulator Alice Margatroid crouched over him, while garbed in her lovely blue dress and elegant white caplet.

“Is that Kogetsu?” asked Darthtabby, while looking at the fallen Sorcerer.

“Yes.” answered Alice, in a deeply desperate tone of voice, “And he's been badly hurt! He needs medical attention immediately!”

“I'll go try to find Dr. Casey!” chirped m0ef0xZer0, quickly heading off.

But shortly after m0ef0xZer0 left, a third bright bolt of light came shooting out of Kogetsu's mirror. And this one was greenish in color, revealing...

Cell.” said Darthtabby.

“That's right!” exclaimed Cell with a condescending sneer, gazing down from fifteen feet up in the air, “And I will not stand to have my battles rudely interrupted. I have defeated this Wonderland wizard, and now I will take his life as my trophy!”

No!” Alice shouted angrily at Cell, with tear droplets forming in the corners of her eyes, “I will not let you do that to Kogetsu!”

“Do you actually think you can stop me, you foolish little girl?!” asked Cell, “You can throw a thousand of your dolls at me, and it will not matter one iota! You can't stop me, little girl. None of you can even hope to stop me!”

A reddish and whitish image then flashed across the sky. A split-second later Cell felt an unbelievably powerful punch strike him right across the face! It sent Cell hurtling wildly backwards, almost a full mile, eventually crashing into a rocky mountain-side, leaving a ten-feet thick imprint of Cell's body in its wake!

Cell groaned, as he slowly recovered from the attack, and began to rise himself back up.

“What was that?!” Cell asked, in total amazement.

Cell would then see the answer slowly and dramatically fly down towards him. A silhouette of a 6 foot 4 inch tall, well-built man in wind-swept cape and classic strongman tights, could be vaguely made out.

Dr. Casey's WWF Reactor had been a resounding success. The bodies, powers, and souls of Santa Claus, Sayaka Miki, and Nanoha Takamachi had all been fused together into the body of another. And so a common childhood wish was about to become reality. A reality reflected in a large diamond-shaped crest, with a large S symbol within it, and a Canadian flag discernible through that S. Cell's eyes were now focused on that crest, and the man wearing it.

“You're a monster, Cell.” said Super R, “And I'm going to stop you.”

To Be Continued.


Spoiler for Fully Grown LRIG Kotori Minami!:

Lots of YouTube music links in this chapter. Be careful to look out for them! But yes, the track that starts for Wonderland fight scene is intended to carry on through the Akuma Kousaka/FlavoryFantasy scene. I hope every reader enjoys Chapter 7, which I think speaks reasonably well for itself!

Big thanks to Akuma Kousaka, Hooves, Dr. Casey, FlavoryFantasy, Haak, Kotohono, and Kogetsu Shirogane for their amazingly creative and wonderfully appreciative reviews. Particular thanks to those who reviewed multiple chapters in one review post. I'm glad that everybody commenting on the fanfic seems to be enjoying it so far. And yes, Haak, you practiced that special attack a lot. Saitama would be proud!

Thanks to Kotohono, Kogetsu Shirogane, and Hooves for their behind-the-scenes help in all the added bells and whistles of Chapter 7.

Anime shows featured in this chapter:

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (Tatsuya and Miyuki Dark, OC villainous clones)
Love Live! School Idol Project (Kotori, Honoka, Rin, Umi)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Mami, Kyouko, Sayaka, Madoka, references to Homura)
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS (Fate Testarossa, references to Nanoha and TSAB and Midchilda)
Lostorage Incited WIXOSS (fanfic version of Satomi Kou, Carnival)
El Hazard: The Magnificent World (fanfic version of Jinnai, Bugrom reference)
Macross Δ (Freyja Wion, reference to Messer)
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (Ruiko Saten)
Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (reference to fanfic version of Biba Amatori)
DBZ (Perfect Cell, references to Dr. Gero)
ViVid Strike! (Fuuka Reventon)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged (Bandit Keith)
Love Live! Sunshine!! (Hanamaru Kunikida)

Alice Margatroid belongs to the famous Touhou games. Any remaining references will be explained upon request.

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