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That duel between Bandit Keith and Hanamaru was comedy gold. It's true. Rin was best girl, you captured her nicely, very nicely. It was, the best duel. Tatsuya Dark? Total. Loser. Lost twice. Lovely sister though. I'd totally date her if she weren't with the enemy. Tremendous. Wait, is she, is she tremendous? Let me just tell you, I respect all imoutos except Kirino. Glad I'm not related to that nasty woman. It's true

That scene with Honoka and Kotori was bigly lovely. Also like how they, like, remembered their history of past events. It's very, very important to remember history. That's why I'm a tremendous fan of history, let me just tell you. It's true. And who knew that merging--you know, that thing some people like to do with companies--mermaids with white devils would give something so strong. I mean, you guys see how strong that was against Cell? Totally. Ridiculous. Believe me

Anyway, that was an early chapter. It's true. Not as tremendous as chapter 6, but from now on, my motto is, like "chapter 6 first, some other chapter second." Let me just tell you
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