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- Aww, the music link that opens up the chapter has been deleted Why did you have to indirectly create copyright laws, person who first dreamed up the idea of copyright...

- I liked the explanation of Diabolic Drain and Vengeance status. Very easy to follow even as someone who knows close to nothing about Shadowverse.

- Haha, Tatsuya being able to break the rules because of his Gary Stu powers Just like the Santa Magica days. The HP numbers shifting from 9 and 14 to 14 and 11 was nice. Reminds me of the tide shifting back and forth in Yu-Gi-Oh's battles (which, even though 4Kids eviscerated the series in a lot of ways far as the characters go, the battles remained incredibly clever and well thought out even in the dub).

- I wonder what the Pocari namedrop is alluding to. Did he argue with one of you about Vengeance mode strategies at one point?

- Kudos to Kona for not getting too nervous despite falling down to 4 HP at one point, she's a more badass person than I. I think this was the best Shadowverse match in the story up to this point, great sense of pacing and choreography.

- mfw Kyoko doesn't believe in my inventions

- Oh, nice, I'm glad that I'll be joining the Nanoha, Triple, and Santa camp. ^^

- "I didn't lie to you, I just didn't tell the whole truth. You're the ones who assumed too much." Yeah... you're not doing much besides just digging that hole even deeper, Jinnai. Jinnai might be the type who's charismatic and is great at simply having fun with people, but is clumsy at handling situations that require tact and sensitivity. Just apologize and show some remorse, you dingus.

- Comfy SoL scene is comfy. It's cute that Saten is starting to have some fondness for Haak, and the scene ends well with all the girls laughing at a joke he makes. Haak's harem laughs at every joke he makes, of course. He is the most alpha character since the Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica MC.

- Good opening to the Kogetsu and Cell interlude, sets the mood clearly and vividly from sentence one.

- Hanamaru? I wasn't expecting to see my waifu show up so suddenly. Nice surprise, that. She definitely seems to get high off Shadowverse matches since she's certainly more spunky and high-spirited here than she usually is (though those elements aren't totally absent from her in the anime or anything, so it's well within in-character territory).

- "Red is an excellent color when combined with blue and white, but by itself, it means you're a no-good dirty commie!" I think this might be the best line of dialogue that anyone anywhere has ever spoken.

- As Akito-senpai said, the Hanamaru vs. Bandit Keitch match was hilarious. It's always been pretty clear that Bandit Keith and Magical Girl USA are some of the characters you have the most fun writing. Madoka's dialogue has always been really clever as well.

- My face burned some reading that exchange between Honoka and Kotori. They definitely make a good married couple, those two.

- Oh shit, Kogetsu lost the fight. It was surprising to see him so vulnerable.

- That's one big cliffhanger. Looking forward to seeing what's likely the most powerful character in the trilogy in action.
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