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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
“Then I'll tell you this much, Cell...” stated Super R, just before launching himself towards Cell.

“I stand for Truth.” shouted Super R, as he threw a punch at Cell, which Cell barely caught with an open palm, leaving Cell gritting his teeth.

Justice.” continued Super R, as he pulled back on his caught fist, in order to drag Cell into an upwards jutting knee.

“And the Canadian Way!” exclaimed Super R, as he then knocked Cell two miles straight up into the sky with an absolutely awesome uppercut.

I basically saw that as "The Fist of Truth", "The Knee of Justice" and "The Canadian Uppercut".

I also loled hard all throughout the Kylo Ren scene and his extreme indiignation at not being taken seriously at all. I guess he drew the short straw in having to face a freak with a ridiculous mask. Kinda hard being serious when you're up against that. XP
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