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Originally Posted by chronotrig View Post
Just something to point out about the Japanese here...and also the English, although it doesn't translate perfectly.

This '18th person X' doesn't have to be a single, specific person. By the strictest definition, all this line means is that there will never be 18 people on the island at any point in time. In other words, there's no one you could call 'the 18th person on the island' because there are only 17 there.

In other words, if someone has died or left the island, someone else could then enter the island and the red wouldn't be violated, even if the 17 people we know were all on the island to start with (i.e. no Kanon=Shannon theory is needed).
So that means if this new girl is a real person then someone died on the island before she came on and therefore she replaced 17th person X. It does explain the creepy hand in the corner
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