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Thehe, I actually kinda like this thought.
Well, I wonder if the disappearance of the rose will ever be explained. That really bugs me. cough.

I haven't noticed at all that the crest is now flipped over. Maybe it indicates the missing part we had before, so to say "The Answers" to the questions. |D~
I was always baffled at the significance of the rose disappearing, other than signaling that the "dark" side of the game was starting. Now I guess we will find out.

The crest being backwards was almost a flag for me that the picture was fake, but I too have come to see it as signifying the answer arc. And I'm still holding onto my suspicion that Kinzo's wife's family, or one of the other two rival families, are the bearers of the other wing, as that seems to lend some support to my theory that there's a bigger conflict beyond just within the Ushiromiya group.
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