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This is true. And to be honest, if he's going to switch locations back to Hueco Mundo or Fake K-Town, now is the best time, rather than smack in the midddle of the fight (actually, several chapters ago, as he was first coming across Real K-Town, would have been best, but what can you do?).

Or he could do like he did with Ichigo and just have everyone show up out of the blue and blow off Yamm-zilla's resolution and the various Vaizard healings until later flashbacks (if at all). Honestly, if he does blow off the events in the other places, I kinda hope he doesn't flash back to them. It would give the anime team the opportunity to adapt those events, burning episodes and letting the manga get further ahead, and would let them make some filler that really isn't. And frankly I almost trust them more to handle it at this point...
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