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Originally Posted by Teh_Ping View Post
To be precise, he used the energy of the Earth to form a kinetic attack on the building, slowing the Earth down by 5 minutes. Think someone posted a calculation that equates it to thousands of nuclear bombs...
And Aleister literally didn't give a fuck that day...

Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
the artificial heaven is different than the windowless building. The windowless building exist there and the same time it didn't exist. It's like in a complete different dimension or something of a barrier was preventing an attack from outside to reach it.
That's still a speculation right?

Originally Posted by Ashaman View Post
So, E is the Windowless building, while F is School Garden.

The School Garden is a girls only area, isn't it?
Yes, it's surrounded by 5 prestigious girls school.

I wonder whose idea was it... >.>

Originally Posted by Teh_Ping View Post
Yeah, that's why you have the shaded square. Only the students and staff are allowed in (except special occasions)
I always wanted to see what happens if a certain [group] of idiots tried to sneak in for various reasons.

I mean, I have some ideas, but it's always better when it's canon.
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