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Originally Posted by Skye629 View Post
Lol Freedom vs Impulse, that debate is BS imo, Shinn and Impulse won, period, thats what happened, "what ifs" are invalid, Freedom was doomed the instant the producers designed SF

I love following those debates, its hilarious, and so ironically against everything Gundam tries to point out about conflict
Indeed, the plot demanded it, so the Freedom lost, Kira fucked up several times, he lost focus, didn't take Shinn seriously, Shinn and Laser barrel had him fully analyzed down to the bottom, he got his butt whooped and even admitted it himself that he lost due to his own mistakes.

Then again, one can argue that Kira is superior to Shinn in piloting (Which sort of gets thrown in your face when Kira grabs the Destiny's AS-sword during the Orb siege) lol

Originally Posted by monster View Post
There's no going around the fact that Kira lost that battle while Shinn successfully utilized his mobile suit. But that's all it was.

I think the only problem with the Freedom vs Impulse fight is when people try to use it to make some kind of "x is more powerful than y" type of statement. Of course, that's just the usual reaction to these types of stories.
Indeed, The Freedom > Impulse, Shinn's piloting > Kira's piloting when it comes to that battle, Hell, the Impulse was pretty much the Anti-Kira mobile suit anyways. lol
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