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If the point was about escaping to sea, hell they could have just used the rough terrain to cripple the entire ZAFT division in an area filled with all kinds of technically sophisticated boobytraps.
What booby-traps?
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I also can't help but feel that the Impulse was specifically designed as a plan in case they ever had to fight the Freedom. Kira's specialty is disarming and the Impulse just happens to be able to switch parts quite freely (props to Shinn for the kamikaze with those broken parts though). Then suddenly right after the fight he is given the more powerful Destiny. Why not just give him the Destiny before and have a suit that was more on par with the Freedom? Because Durandal knew the Impulse would be more likely to last longer against the Freedom leaving open more chances for Kira to make a mistake. While the Destiny would be useless if Kira manages to get his attacks in.
I think Impulse is just an evolution of what ZAFT has seen with the Strike. Why stop at swapping packs when you can also swap other parts as well?
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