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Originally Posted by AmyElizzabeth View Post
Niiicee one.
Umm, off/on topic-ish.
My friend Alyssa is Catholic. She says that if you don't ask God to forgive your sins, then you're going to hell.
She said my sin was Gluttony, and that when I get to hell, they'll put food in front of me and never let me eat it..for all eternity.
Um, is there any truth to this? Or does it depend on your religious beliefs?
The answer varies depending on whom you ask. I'd say that it depends on your belief overall, not just religious belief.

As for me, I'm a Buddhist, and I believe that things that happen stem from complex chains of actions and reactions/causes and consequences, so I'd say that the route from gluttony --> hell is oversimplifying it. I also have problems with the way she put it and the "they'll put food in front of [you]" and "for all eternity" parts, but that's just me.

So I guess my answer to your first question would be "I don't know." However, she hasn't given sufficient ground for you to worry about it, so you shouldn't, either. If anything, you should be more concerned about whether you being "gluttony" is true or not.

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