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Niiicee one.
Umm, off/on topic-ish.
My friend Alyssa is Catholic. She says that if you don't ask God to forgive your sins, then you're going to hell.
She said my sin was Gluttony, and that when I get to hell, they'll put food in front of me and never let me eat it..for all eternity.
Um, is there any truth to this? Or does it depend on your religious beliefs?
Well whether you should believe it depends on whether you believe a concept written by a 4th century monk named Evagrius Ponticus (who actually listed 8 sins but later revised by Pope Gregory I to the 7 sins we know today.

It's not our position to tell you whether you should believe this or not. You ll have to decide this on your own whether you're a Catholic or not.

In my opinion, such religious ideas are often mere guidepost for our life rather than rules. Underneath the fear mongering, there are some good ideas/philosophy behind the 7 deadly sins.

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I lean Christian, but I don't belong to any religion. I believe in God, and some things in the Bible, but not all. Don't know where that puts me.
I guess you're somewhat in between the category of agnostic theism and christianity.
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