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well, it seems we're in the same boat. homu-chan is my one true love and i originally wanted to vote for her - alone. but mado is a significant part of homu i love so, it's almost too cruel to separate the two. homu doesn't deserve to be 'alone' forever even in polls like this. homu won't be unhappy if i add another vote for her best friend.
Well, I voted for her alone. She's already alone in the series proper so....

Originally Posted by kaigan View Post
there's nothing wrong with speculating. it's something i will never take away from a fellow fan/viewer.
It depends. There are things that are needed to be clear for the narrative to work. Everything else can be left to the fans to speculate. That's ok. The problem is when the writer doesn't explain things that should be explained. I can see this sort of issues in Madoka.
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