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Originally Posted by mochichan View Post
I guess it's like after the girls' hearts were moved by AKB performance, they might also want to grow up and follow their footstep of being cute, sparking idols of peace that spread happiness and music to the universe lol
It could also be that through their music, at least a seed of hope was planted in their heart.

About the matter of Chieri's Kirara...I'm pretty sure it's because she have a potential but at the same time she's missing something that stopping the Kirara from glowing.
Chieri needs to truly let go of that mindset she was having at the moment, she is already let go one half of her troubled past behind when she and Kanata had that little talk. Now comes dealing with the other part...

Also, the whole Dualium slave mining really shows what type of corporate dictatorship they run. The girls are lucky they are dealing with a corporate dictatorship and not some insane religous government who would rather see entire planets burn than to allow one idol escape.
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