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On a different note, something I found amusing. When the Russian lolis panic at being discovered, someone (I think it's Yuuka) says a phrase that can be translated as "We're not suspicious people" meaning people who arouse suspicion, not people who suspect someone of something. I find it funny, because it would be hard to find anyone more suspicious-looking in that whole village than our trainees. Firstly, almost none of them are wearing any headgear, and the one who is is clearly doing so for decoration rather than protection from the cold, while the people who belong there have hats and earmuffs, as is appropriate for the cold weather. Next, their technicolored hair stands out like a beacon among the drabness of that place. Also, their clothes are clearly some sort of uniform, compared to the more homely and individualized outfits of the citizens, and said uniforms are almost certainly much more expensive than anything anyone there is wearing.

In short, not only are they suspicious, they stand out like a sore thumb. I'm astonished they weren't arrested as soon as someone saw them.
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