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Originally Posted by asaqe View Post
Chieri needs to truly let go of that mindset she was having at the moment, she is already let go one half of her troubled past behind when she and Kanata had that little talk. Now comes dealing with the other part...
I wonder if it's that simple. I remember that in the prequel manga kirara glowed for Kanata even though at that time she was still all butthurt about her father and bent on revenge. And in this episode kirara glowed for Takamina when she announced she was going to perform, even though that meant stomping all over Kanata.

Long story short, it doesn't seem like they need to have their mind all clear and stuff to make the kirara glow. Just a strong emotion is enough.

So whatever is happening with Chieri, is not just about getting something she's missing, or letting go of her current mindset, or whatever. In fact, as she is now she should be able to make the kirara glow just fine... and yet, it seems she still can't do it.

So either Okada hasn't put enough thought on this (and I'm overthinking) or there's something more about Chieri, although I still can't put my finger on what exactly it might be.
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