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So whatever is happening with Chieri, is not just about getting something she's missing, or letting go of her current mindset, or whatever. In fact, as she is now she should be able to make the kirara glow just fine... and yet, it seems she still can't do it.

So either Okada hasn't put enough thought on this or there's something more about Chieri, although I still can't put my finger on what exactly it might be.
My, aren't you quick to jump to accusations against the anime's creators?

I think Chieri has still just been supressing her emotions, for the most part. Perhaps had DES not interrupted when the girls were singing for the lolis she might have made the kirara glow, but she didn't have the chance. While it does show up again when the four stars are singing together again at the end, it's hard to tell if it's brighter than normal or not. But then, they were singing a slow piece that's not so heavy on the overwhelming emotions that seem to set the things off. We just haven't gotten a good view of her when she's being an idol, while not supressing her emotions, and while the kirara is onscreen.
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