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That's a catchy review title O_O. A novel's potential that surpass LN. The author is the same author who write the original Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo, which means it's a light novel by a very renown novel author(he wrote lots of novel already, not to mention he also a play writer and an actor O_O).

BTW, Just picked up a new novel by the author of "Usotsuki Mii-kun to Kowareta Maa-chan" tittled Crocro-clock(クロクロクロック). It has the same mysterious atmosphere for its character just like "Mii-maa", yet on the same time the story is not that heavy. Just the right amount of goodness for a light novel. For a very brief synopsis,

"6 people somehow end up with a gun bought from the same dealer(not all of them buy the gun, some of them accidentally pick it up). It turns out, the dealer make a mistake and one of the 6 gun is actually a model gun instead of real gun. Trapped in a situation where they might end up having to use their gun, who's the one who got the model gun."

From what I read so far(still very little), it's pretty entertaining, and highly recommended for people who like "Mii-ma" due to the similar writing style, but don't expect the character to be as broken as Mii-kun and Maa-chan, although one of the protagonist is a professional killer who has no qualm in killing other people in cold blood. From the volume numbering, it seems this will be a short series with only 6 volumes(not including side stories).
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