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Originally Posted by Chiibi View Post
For a 15-year-old in SAO's universe?

Yes. I mean, Asuna's 17 and she looks two or THREE times smaller!

(not that it matters. She will still win. )

By SAO's universe, I mean how it's not supposed to be an ecchi/fanservice-driven show. If it was, I wouldn't bat an eye about Suguha's 'service' but it's obviously not. So it is a bit jarring to see the animators try to sexualize her so much when no other female characters are really treated this way.
I'm sure her fans don't have a problem with that, but for those who aren't her's just a bit irksome.
Asuna's boobs doesn't look that much smaller to me. You need to remember that Suguha is really short and thus her rack looks a lot larger on her tiny frame. Asuna on the other hand is pretty tall. So measurement wise so are they most likely pretty close to each others size.

As for Horizon so do I have two important things to say before you watch it. First so would I think that the issue most people are bothered with when it comes to boobs there comes from that the current bra fashion there has no limit on the push up bras. So all the girls looks like they have round balls when clothed. This push up effect makes any really stacked girls look gigantic. But thaty doesn't mean it's unrealistic, it's jsut a strange fashion from our point of view. Realisticly so would those bras be better then our current ones for keeping the shape from succumbing to gravity.

Second, the plot, number of characters and setting is extremly complex by anime standards. I suggest at least one of the following: watch really carefully, watch each episode multiple times, check bio's for the characters online and/or read some blog reviews of each episode.
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