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I'm glad we got to see some of Yayoi's backstory -she was the main character that needed it the most, as she had barely any screentime until now- but the timing is pretty cruel. I was dying to find out what kind of consequences the previous episode's events had on Akane, and instead I got a flashback episode... that hurts. Ah well, that just means I'll have to wait a bit longer.

This episode did a great job fleshing out Yayoi and expanding on the world of Psycho-pass. We got to learn about more about the life of latent criminals and the way the Sibyl system works. It seems like rehabilitation is a bit of a sham, as Kogami claims almost nobody ever gets discharged from the rehab facilities. Latent criminals either get used to their new life or break down. There is no salvation once Sibyl has branded you harmful to society, unless you are gifted with a very strong mind.

We also finally got introduced to Sasayama, and I have to say he was a bit different from what I imagined. He gets off on killing criminals. He's definitely well suited to the job of enforcer. I'm slightly surprised Kogami became close to a guy like him. I suppose he doesn't only have bad sides, he does seem like a pretty good guy to hang around with if you ignore what I said above.

Moving on to the new OP and ED. The OP plain sucks compared to the previous one. Full of reused animation and a meh song. Will make sure to skip it from now on. ED is full of naked people and the song is good, so I guess it's cool even if I liked the first one better.
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