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What I liked about the episode:

As others mentioned, Yayoi badly needed to be fleshed out a bit more, and this episode helped.

It was an excellent episode for world-building purposes. We continue to see more and more of the flaws of the Sibyl system laid bare. I particularly like how this episode makes clear that Makishima is far from the only person against the Sibyl system. "Authorized Music" is indeed a concept that most serious musicians would find utterly abhorrent, but it does make sense given what we already know about the world of Psycho-Pass.

Rina is a good and interesting side-character.

It was good to see what Kougami was like before he became a latent criminal.

It was good to see Sasami in action, to get a better feel for what he was like. I can kind of see how Sasami ended up influencing Kougami.

The episode had a good sense of style, as Psycho-Pass tends to have.

What I didn't like about this episode:

I agree with Kazu-kun that it's kind of lame that we never get to find out what made Yayoi become a latent criminal in the first place. I have a very hard time buying that simply being a musician would do it. I mean... would the girls of K-On! be latent criminals in this world just because they love music? I wonder if Kougami is going to be able to handle that dangerous criminal Yui Hirasawa.

The timing is simply horrible. While it's good to flesh out Yayoi more, what I'm obviously most eager about is seeing how Akane reacts to the events of Episode 11! It's bad enough that we had the holiday break to wait through to get there, but now we have at least an added week on top of it. Couldn't this episode had been put off for a week or two?

On the whole, it was a good episode, but I really wish they could have put this off for another week or two. Ah well.

The new OP and ED are good, but I preferred the ones for the "first season".
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