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i dont think rupture is viable as strategic class magic, the reason is too inefficient.
material burst only need one drop of water to destroy ship in yokohama incident, a 12.5mm bullet to destroy a detachment fleet, and one kg flag to destroy a full fleet. And rupture power will not able to achieve that, regardless how powerfull the magician.
even against mist dispersal, rupture still hold no candle

and rupture power come from sudden expanding volume of gas that come from liquid disintegration, not combustion, so "rupture"ing water, blood, oil, and liquid fuel will have same result
If you're talking about efficiency then I have question about Deep Abyss.

Her magic 'Abyss' was capable of creating a spherical depression which can extend from a few tens of meters to several kilometers. Amongst Movement Systematic magics it possesses its own classification, Fluid Control. Vessels caught within the magical zone at sea slide down the steep walls of water, tumbling about, then upon cancellation of the magic are swallowed up by massive waves as the sea returns to a horizontal plane. The hemisphere can be created up to a kilometer in depth, easily catching submerged submarines as well.

This is a strategic class magic theoretically capable of eradicating entire fleets with a single blow, however;

'Abyss' can also be invoked upon subterranean ground water, potentially allowing it to collapse vast swathes of structures as well.
Efficient ? I don't think so.

But Abyss is strategic class magic.

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Then what exactly happened?
You mean this one ?

Spoiler for “geojedo”:

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