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You said he cann't use magic from afar because he doesn't have ES.
Then, how are you going to explain Mio's Deep Abyss?
That magic can be casted on underground water too. You think JSDF dug a hole and took her there just to cast it?

btw, I think the reason tat cann't use MB from longer than 20 km in Vol 8 doesn't relate to visual image(of cause he saw the fleet coming while ago) but the reason might be "the bullet he cast MB on(to make a suitable level of damage)" cann't reach farther than 20 km.
It has been stated that unlike other mages Tatsuya doesn't have the same type of range limitations as he targets trough the Idea (information dimension) so he always knows where his target is other mages have to have some way of sensing where their target is Mio is likey able to "feel" the locations of large bodies of water and visibility on the open sea is pretty vast. And it is also worth noting that strategic class mages are by and far all exceptionally talented and gifted people with unique magic. Masaki just doesn't make the cut .
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