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Originally Posted by CatRules View Post
You said he cann't use magic from afar because he doesn't have ES.
Then, how are you going to explain Mio's Deep Abyss?
That magic can be casted on underground water too. You think JSDF dug a hole and took her there just to cast it?
We do not know whether Abyss requires specialized equipment to maximize efficiency like Lina's Brionac or Tatsuya's Third Eye.
Also, we obtained critical combat data last night. Beeline range roughly 1200 meters. It is very rare to obtain data for long range magic that successfully sniped human targets at this range.
What we do know is that successfully sniping/killing a human from ~1200 meters is very rare, as in extremely difficult as stated in Vol.4.
Yet, human beings are limited by the five senses as well as their experiences.
If the physical distance was very large, there would be a "distant" perception.
This perception of distance becomes a magic's "range".
With that knowledge in mind, magic also becomes less effective.
In the same volume we are told that while magic range has no limit, the range is limited by human senses.
Thus we can conclude that magicians capable of 'bombing' a ship from several kilometers away are limited to an extreme minority of specialized magicians.

Abyss is designed as a wide area magic, whereas Rupture is designed to target a single object as stated in Vol.7.
Compared to "Rupture" that could instantaneously evaporate fluids, "Kyokan Jigoku" required time (nothing more than 30 seconds to a full minute) to increase fluid temperature. By paying the price in sheer firepower, this magic expanded the range from "target object" to "a wide area".
As stated earlier, the range of the magic depends on the user, if targeting a human from 1.2km is difficult, is targeting a (big) battleship from several kilometers easier?
We also know using Rapture on humans continuously exhausts the user considerably, does using it on humans or a battleship require more magic power?
btw, I think the reason tat cann't use MB from longer than 20 km in Vol 8 doesn't relate to visual image(of cause he saw the fleet coming while ago) but the reason might be "the bullet he cast MB on(to make a suitable level of damage)" cann't reach farther than 20 km.
I was thinking of MB use to in Vol.7 with the use of the Third Eye, not Vol.8.
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