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Okay..... so it's 20 megatons against the most important naval port on the Korean peninsula, effectively killing at least 400,000 people if this was the pre-WW3 population from Busan to Goseong and from Geoje to Miryang.

I can see why Koreans would consider this anti-Korean, never mind the problem of how Korea is annexed.

BTW, is this the web or published version?
This is the published version.

Between the USNA (which annexed Canada), Russian taking over most of Central Europe, Great Asian Alliance (which is a re-imploded China re-forming and annexing Korea) and more than a few other things -- I can imagine why a lot of people that are more sensitive about these kind of things could be offended. That said, I think it's pretty clear from the author's perspective, that in this case Japan isn't exactly being painted with a halo either -- but protagonists are still protagonists!

The world as it is in 2095:
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My personal feelings on it reminds me of "Code Geass" -- it's an alternate world of "what-ifs" that has enough of a foundation of world building underlying it that I'm nonplussed by these kinds of protestations. The most "unbelievable" part (other than fanciful magic and the like) is how quickly the international "magic community" came together and how effective they were at silencing nuclear weapons. "The UN (of magic) can't possibly be this cute capable!"
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