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Originally Posted by DezoPenguin View Post
I just assumed that Storm Raider wasn't firing "magic damage" in the sense that we mean it (after all, we know that there are a variety of ways for magic to inflict "non-magic" damage; the first-encounter-with-AMF-drones in the manga goes through several). I mean, Nanoha would have just Divine Bustered the whole room and sorted the unconscious villains from the unconscious innocents. If the sniper rifle is set to "stun," then Laguna's injury, the potential for her to have permanent damage, and Vice's psychological hang-ups that are a strong contributor to RF6 losing the base all don't make any sense. Frankly, that entire psych-impairment is a complete wallbanger if he's shooting non-lethal magic damage.
I believe the booklet article stated something along the lines of 'despite it being a non-lethal round, because it hit a soft target -the eye- it still managed to cause permanent damage'

So magic damage isn't as completely non-lethal as we initially thought. More like... rubber bullet non-lethal. You can still screw up and hurt people with them if you're not careful.

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Oh, hey, last question: where does it say that Laguna is Vice's actual sister as opposed to just a random kid from a hostage situation? I missed that completely.
Laguna Gransenic. Both of them share the same surname.

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Isn't that partly because while Fate adopted them, at the time she wasn't old enough to be their legal guardian so Lindy filled that role, making Fate their older sister in legal terms?
At that time, but she eventually assumed full guardianship when she was old enough.
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