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Originally Posted by DezoPenguin View Post
(Thanks for the tip on Laguna's last name. Darned All There In The Manual, they REALLY should have someone NOT related to the hostage be doing the sniping in that situation!)

Okay, though, two more questions:

1. How is Vice destroying AMF-equipped Gadget Drones, then?

2. If a shot from a relatively low-power magic-damage attack hitting a soft target can cause permanent damage, then how the hell does Nanoha's Divine Buster (which is powerful enough to, oh, blow through multiple levels of armored bulkheads under AMF conditions) not cause permanent damage to things? I mean, the eyes are in the area of effect, and you can't tell me that they're taking less impact than they do from Vice's shot...

(Honestly, it sounds to me like whoever wrote the booklet got caught trying to justify the Vice scene and grabbed the easiest explanation without thinking it through but, eh, whatever...)
1. My guess if that, like the different types of magical spells, Vice has a variety of magical 'bullets' he uses depending on the situation like stun rounds or penetration rounds to take out Drones. Since it was a hostage situation, he was probably using a magic round designed to immobilize or incapacitate the suspect. It might have even been some kind of kinetic round to knock him out. Instead of hitting the suspect it hit his sister which, due to the nature of the magic and delicate make up of the eye caused damage.

2. Maybe she can 'set' her magic to inflict damage to physical material but leave organics unharmed?
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