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Originally Posted by Judoh View Post
Sorry but... Beato never committed murder for the sake of pleasure.

Regardless of whether the epitaph is solved or not, Beato has nothing to gain.

In other words the most basic assumption in episode 1 that Beatrice murdering people as a game has been removed from consideration. The epitaph as her motive has also been removed from consideration. That led me to come up with my theory that she's being controlled by someone else.

The other part of your Blue that Lambda was pushing her would still work kind of. She just has to have a piece she controls on the board.

EDIT: Lately I've been looking at Beatrice's story like a tragedy rather than something malicious. If she was the person to write the message Bottles (and most people think she is) than she wants people to find out what really happened. Turn the chessboard over If she really wanted people to find the truth than why would she be the murderer? Even if you do think she's someone disguised as her there is still this contradiction. The murderer would want everything to be covered up. All of the physical evidence was destroyed in the disaster. Other than these stories there is nothing to point to who the murderer is. I don't think Beatrice is the murderer I think she's as a tragic heroine who wanted the murderer to be caught. She's doomed to hope forever that the case will be solved. I think her "endless magic" is that emotion of hoping her sadness will end.
This is what I was saying a long time ago:

That perhaps one of the characters is being manipulated by another, not necessarily out of "brainwashing," but out of bribery.
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