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Originally Posted by chronotrig View Post
If there's a bomb that goes off at midnight, "after the murders" is pretty close to impossible, unless there's a culprit who survives the bomb. However, "after the murders" doesn't make sense to me because of the Ange kakera. It's hard enough to find a motive for sending out message bottles with magic stories, but why would you miss the obvious fact that Eva survived if you're the culprit and you've already finished the murders?

"During the murders" seems almost as strange. Writing out a story as large as Umineko, even if you skimmed over it really fast, would take a great deal of time. Most characters have a lot of time unaccounted for, so it's probably possible to make this work, but it's presumably the same person in every episode. If it's not the culprit, why wouldn't they mention this massive diary to someone else, and if it is the culprit, how are they even finding the time to do this if they're busy committing at least some of the murders? Furthermore, if the Ange kakera is true, the writer wasn't even writing about what was actually happening at the time, and they wrote at least two conflicting stories.

So, looking at it this way, it seems very likely that the stories in the message bottles were written before the murders even started.
We don't really know what is contained within all the message bottles though. Can we honestly rules out that the two that were found might be episodes 2 and 3 and not 1 and 2? Or some kind of variation of that? Or maybe even stories we've never even read like Land of the golden witch? The author is probably Beatrice I think, but I'm thinking more of why they were written and not how. If it was the person behind the whole thing writing the stories. (1 and 2 at least) it wouldn't make sense to me. It seems like a huge contradiction. We also have someone claiming that they wrote episodes 3 - 6.

Originally Posted by Jan-Poo View Post
I'm not really a fan of the "Beatrice is the mastermind behind the explosion" theory
but I think there's still at least a "whydunit" that is not denied by reds.

I'm not a fan either.

What I'm thinking of is most likely a combination of all three of the motives you just said, but I think the despair part happens later.


Originally Posted by Jan-Poo View Post
Beatrice is doing it because she's been ordered to.
Possibly under Kinzo's instructions. This implies a grave case of furniture complex.
Now that I think about it. Thunderbook should like this one. You were saying that you were writing something about how you think Umineko is the antithesis of Higurashi right? Well isn't a furniture complex i.e "a complex where you kill people to become human", the opposite of Takano's God complex i.e. "she kills people to be like God so she can be remembered even after death."?
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