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Episode 38: Mysterious Cyber Land! The Belle of Steel Village

I'm closing in guys!

The episodes featuring Cyber Land are bringing a new pack of nostalgic memories since some digimon classics returned for this series in the likes of Whamon, Andromon, and MetalTyranomon.


This was a first for me hearing a Death General giving a technical explanation of the techniques it employs to trap and confuse its enemies.

Ok. The so innocent and seemingly harmless, little girl Ruka provided an unbounded galore of comedy slapstick and splashtick to no ends. The gags with the door and servicing the food to our heroes just to get blown the last minute by Dorulumons' reflexes were priceless.

And it was good to watch Dorulumon back in a speaking role, concerning its uneasiness towards Ruka.

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