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Originally Posted by FlareKnight View Post
Overall think Xros Wars has gone above my expectations at the start. Not my favorite of the series, but definitely ahead of quite a few of the others.
I agree. Adventure and Tamers are still my personal favourites and I rather doubt Xros Wars will be able to surpass either of them at this point, but the series is just so darned entertaining that it easily lands in 3rd place at the moment... The fact that it's the first Digimon-series with a half-decent budget doesn't hurt either.

I will say though, there are some definite issues with the writing, mainly in regards to lack of focus. Akari and Zenjirou were just... there through the entire first half of the show and only occasionally did anything useful, and then, rather than trying to give them anything useful to do, the writers just cut them out of the series alltogether in order to give Kiriha and Nene more screentime... And I'd like to point out that even after 39 episodes, we still don't really know much about Kiriha, either... Also, the pacing is sometimes pretty awful. Especially in the Sword Zone episode, which really should have been two or three episodes instead, because the beginning was just a complete mess, and Bugramon's spontaneous "GTFO MY WORLD!!!"-thing at the end was, well, spontaneous.
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