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Episode 39: Xros Heart Close to Dividing !? The Water Tiger General's Foul Trap!!

As far with the releases coming and going, only thing left to do is to wait patiently, though certainly I'm no one's dad to say that.

Ok. Moving on with the review...

The fortieth episode marks the end of the Water Tiger General's reign of terror.

A lesson imparted and delivered in this arc revolves around trusting, even when dire situations need to put our trust in stranger that other members of group may find suspicious with a high likelihood.

To be honest, when Taiki deduced Splashmon's foul strategy by using Ruka since the beginning they've arrived and played all the way to the end, then I thought that Taikis' skills are unfeasibly convenient. After all, even early teenagers must have as well their own set of limitations; suspension of disbelief must be acceptably enforced from time to time.


Thankfully, Taiki's forewarning enabled the whole of Xros Heart to avert Splashmon's foul deceit and machinations, preventing from splitting up and playing to the Death General's way.

A detail to notice is that each pair of Death Generals our heroes have faced share a common characteristic:
- Dorpick and NeoMyotismon had either a weakness or an irrational fear towards a specific item or Digimon breed.
- Zamielemon and Splashmon played the Giant's Mask card to make themselves bigger or returning to their giant size.
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