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Originally Posted by DonQuigleone View Post
And there are many parts of America that are better then the best parts of Europe, the best country in Europe is Austria at 4.5%, the best state in the US is North Dakota at 3.2%.
In Europe the European Union. Norway and Switzerland have lower unemployment rates than North Dakota. Interesting that allegedly North Dakotans have 47% German and 30% Norwegian ancestry, btw.

I'd also be careful with the "low Euro makes Germany successful" theory that's floating around everywhere. Switzerland has had similar rises in exports despite its strong currency. It probably has more to do with the rise of the developing nations than anything else.

Now that we've looked at Austrian, Swiss and German unemployment rates, maybe you really should consider studying German in all your free time?

Originally Posted by Zakoo View Post
There's no if possible. Ask Japan if they want a free trade union with china and you will quickly get the answer. Should this day come, I really hope you won't tell me " Why aren't they joining with the first economical superpower"
The thing is that the EU is much more than just a trade union. Ask Japan if they want to open their borders to any Chinese that wants to enter, no questions asked. Or if they want to subsidize Chinese infrastructure, agriculture and industry. If they want to guarantee for Chinese bonds. If they want to give up on the Yen and lose total control over their own currency. EU and Euro memberships come with a lot of downsides for everyone involved.
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