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Originally Posted by DonQuigleone View Post
To be fair to the brits, if I had to choose between the USA and Europe right now, I'd probably choose the USA. At least the USA has work.
Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
Choose your state wisely. There is huge variation in quality of life and availability of work and it isn't the same answer depending on the skill sets. The entire country of Ireland pretty much fits in the Portland, Oregon metro region.
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California is also expensive.
Here's for those truly and deeply committed to move to U.S. .....
First, prospective immigrants need only concern on where he/she's most likely to get sponsored. Everything else comes distant 2nd. For prospective __skills based H1-B__ immigrant(s) CA is still a safe choice to get sponsored.

"CA is expensive" is almost a non-issue if the primary concern is to get sponsored and land a job.

Originally Posted by DonQuigleone View Post
I'd move to Cali, but getting an engineering job can take time, and I don't want to be among the 10% unemployed there. I'll probably end out working in some coal mine or Oil rig, knowing my luck.
Now pick your state
top states to get you sponsored

New Jersey
New York
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