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They all want "someone else" to do it. Back in the 80s/90s, a lot of companies understood they had to grow engineers. Then the accountants took over.
That isn't just in the US. Today if you teach yourself how to operate and run a server, and how to debug it but you don't have a degree in Computer Science, you don't qualify.

I wouldn't put it as "the accountants took over", but rather "logically handicapped morons took over". I am a technician, and I am teaching new ENGINEERING MANAGERS-IN-TRAINING from SK how do home appliances work. When I asked "What engineering degree do you have? Electrical or Mechanical?", they told me that they aren't engineering graduates.

And they get paid more than me, have a higher corporate rank, yet they don't even know what a bloody magnetron is and why it is dangerous to open a microwave up outside of a workshop without proper gear. Sometimes it even amazes me why do they get a place telling me what to do when they don't even know the most basic science behind everyday electronics.

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