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You've been getting positive feedback which you have earned, especially the details of clothes (I can't do folds and such).

Here's some negative things though. All my comment from here on out is referring to the last two drawing, and not Hao. I think that the body of both is a bit odd. Specifically, I think the body of the sword girl is a bit too big, as well as her hand. In short, fix the proportions. Also, for the same drawing, the legs are very awkward looking (looks like she's about to fall/squat). Again the proportion needs to be worked on. The sheath also looks out of place.

Your last drawing: The shoulder looks like it was disjointed. Face is a bit chubby, but that could just me being picky. Also the positioning of the right butt is too far (i.e. it looks weird). Proportion is better, with minor errors

For both of them: The eyes are different (i.e. the left one is different from the eye). When you want to change the size and shape, do so properly and appropriately. This, in my opinion, is one of the hardest thing there is to do (alongside with proportions and in my case, clothings).

You have a very good potential though, and I can see that you put a lot of effort in this. Continue on drawing. I'm sorry for my rather harsh comments, but I think criticism is good for development. So, remember: Proportions!!!

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