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Victory Gundam general discussion thread *spoilers*

Episode 1

I like the OP.

He lost his first fight? And to a ninja, no less?

Ah, Katejina. Its too bad that I've already been spoiled about you. Doesn't seem to match how you're acting right now though... should be interesting to see how that change comes about.

He launched a jacket using a tree branch as a catapult and hit a jet? That's some broken aiming ability you've got there, Uso.

The head sticking up from the top of the jet looks kinda dumb.

Is that a haro?!

Out-performed by a first timer. That would be humiliating...

"Well, I have to wear a mask like this on Earth because I'm a ninja. *ninjitsu hand sign*" "...Is that so?"

And why did they let a kid with almost no flight experience handle this again?

So Uso is caucasian? How do anime characters even manage to tell the difference...

Why are you out of breath again?

"Why am I still alive?" Because you won? Dumb question.

"Oi Nyung Hakshaku"? Sounds Korean. There sure are a lot of cultural diversity in this show...

The ED is meh...

Episode 2

I'm not so sure that its a good idea to go casual skydiving when the enemy could show up with their mechs and rifles at any minute...

...Or when there's friendly jets flying low on patrol.

He picked a REALLLY bad time to go skydiving.

XD! Oh god, that looked so wrong!

(^animated gif)

Dude, some little kid just beat your ass and stole your mech. You suck.

That wasn't cool, Uso.

There's fresh food in the fridge. That means that someone still lives there.

They're blowing each other up! Hey guys, lets sit up here on this grassy hill and enjoy the show! We can even make a barbeque out of it!

Episode 3

Damn. Those resistance members got owned.

Hey Uso, why are you just sitting there watching his jet turn into a mobile suit instead of doing something about it?

Did that guy ever think that some of his comrads might still be alive in the city and may not want to get blown up for the cause?

"STFU BITCH! *slaps*"

Looks like a comfortable place to rest your head... right on Katejina's lap.

Random pilot haet dogs.

Uso, Katejina, and the kid are the only ones that survived? That's kind of corny...

Episode 4

So that explains why Uso isn't a complete n00b...

No, he's a noisy baby. You need to get him a pacifier.

There you go, Uso. Hit them BEFORE they merge.

I didn't notice it before, but Marvet kinda looks like Casca.

Uso's first kill.

Episode 5

That blue mobile suit looks dumb.

"Get this damned thing off my head!"

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