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I decided that I wanted to just watch the show with no interruptions. I do still have comments through episode 10 though...

I can't say that I've grown attached to the cast so far. I like Katerina (with the direction that things are going, I think I may come to REALLY like Katerina later), and the haro in this one is kind of funny (I didn't like the haros in Seed), and Uso is proving to be a dynamic character (though I don't really like him...), but I'm completely indiferent to the rest of them. Except for the baby, that little bastard cries too much. Its really annoying.

They better start giving me some good reasons to like these characters if they want me to care when the drama fest that I heard about starts.

The fights aren't bad so far. Its no Evangelion or Eureka Seven, but they're not boring either.

All in all, its just been somewhat good so far. Its not boring, and I'm interested in seeing where Katerina's, and to a lesser extent, Uso's characters go, but it hasn't hooked me. Its still got another 41 episodes to do so though, and I don't think that I'm going to drop it between now and then.
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