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@bloodseeker pleasure to meet you. i agree killing likeable side characters isn't the best thing to do in a series(kinda pushes fans away) (well it worked in fma/hughes) but that's the reality of war, and we can appreciate the time we had with the character.that jinn guy dies enjoy his death and weep at the death of others. i also like katejina, though not sure why.(similar to sniper-chan and dorothy(wing)) and yes shakti is annoying and seed has too many flashbacks and sucks.
but what did you mean by
Genitalia? 15-25 years older and female next time, please. Preferably Katejina's.(are you refering to girls?)
uso's a cherry.
@shinji i was going to say what you said.
d33:"the only ones allowed to bash should be those who are prepared to be bashed!"
Onizuka-GTO:yeah, great post WD, but also puzzled. if it's a race you see, okay then. but at the moment it's a one man race, with Suzuku doing timed laps against his personal best....
WhiteWings:To this day I don't know what the insanity behind the decision to release the first GSD ending. My God that was without a doubt the worst ending I had ever seen in my life in a anime series.
Blizzer: He already has special powers called super pheromone powers which makes him irresistable to Sekirei's in heat.
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