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Originally Posted by dom33 View Post
@bloodseeker pleasure to meet you. i agree killing likeable side characters isn't the best thing to do in a series(kinda pushes fans away) (well it worked in fma/hughes) but that's the reality of war, and we can appreciate the time we had with the character.that jinn guy dies enjoy his death and weep at the death of others.
But this isn't real war, this is television. Killing off all of the characters as soon as they change from being just another face in the battle to a likable character with potentially interesting relationships isn't good writing. You need to keep them around for a good 10-30 episodes before killing them off.

And do me a favor and don't spoil anymore deaths... I will enjoy it though.

Originally Posted by dom33
i also like katejina, though not sure why.(similar to sniper-chan and dorothy(wing)) and yes shakti is annoying and seed has too many flashbacks and sucks.
I hope that Shakti dies. I get the feeling that I'm hoping in vain though...

I like Seed (Cagalli and Mwu rank up there with my favorite Gundam characters), I just hated the flashbacks.

Originally Posted by dom33
but what did you mean by
Genitalia? 15-25 years older and female next time, please. Preferably Katejina's.(are you refering to girls?)
uso's a cherry.
The baby's sack was hanging out when Shakti was changing him.

Uso flipped out when he stepped outside of a spaceship and into space for the first time. I was referencing Outlaw Star.

Originally Posted by Shinji103
Maybe. Or she could have slipped and fell to a bad death anyway.

Even if she managed to not slip off, that Zanscare pilot would have fried/shot/crushed/knocked her off the structure as she was climbing down anyway.
Probably. He didn't seem to care what happened to the structure. But it still would have been better than standing there and waiting to get killed. At least she would have been able to try to hide outside of her mech.

Originally Posted by 4tran
Good. Someone's watching my favorite Gundam show. People tend to have mixed reactions, so I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.
I'm still not hooked, but it hasn't bored me or anything... 7/10 so far.

The big issue is that I don't care about the main cast, which is vital for getting me hooked on a series. Uso, Shakti, Odelo, Marvet, etc... they could put a bullet between their eyes and I wouldn't care. And whenever they DO bring somebody in that I like, the potential Cagalli or Heero or Domon of this series, they kill them off, either during the same episode or very shortly afterwards. The only characters that I like right now are Katejina and Junto, but the former doesn't get much screentime and the latter probably doesn't have much longer to live if past themes continue.

Originally Posted by 4tran
It's actually not that bad. Undertakers often (usually?) put make up on corpses to make them more presentable during the viewing.
Yeah, but this seemed like a ceremony after the funeral rather than cosmetics to make them more presentable for the funeral. It just came across as weird.
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