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Victory gets way too many accolades IMHO. The characters are incredibly annoying(and any character that COULD be cool usually dies). I mean I get that Tomino was having a rough time(thats why the whole show is basically the viewers seeing the angst of an 8 year old kid), honestly the story could have easily been condensed into one movie, the characters and backstory for F91 are far better suited for a 50 episode show.
Victory gets accolades!? Where do people heap praise on Victory? As far as I can tell, it's pretty much the least talked about of the UC Gundam TV shows, and the opinion of those who watch it is quite divided. It's popularity (or lack thereof) isn't help by the fact that although it's often the most depressing of the Gundam shows, it also has some of the goofiest scenes imaginable.

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is v gundom realy that good. i may want to find thid and watch it?
It really depends. Victory Gundam is, in many ways, a bit of a departure from other Gundam shows in tone. If you don't mind a mix of the serious with the silly, then you might well end up liking it. However, it's hardly for everyone - just keep in mind that it's the most poorly rated of the UC Gundam TV shows, and that it's animation is relatively weak. However, I think that it easily has the best combat choreography, so your mileage will vary.
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