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Originally Posted by Meatrose View Post
On a serious note though... judging by the way you guys reply to my ramblings I kind of get the feeling that I might be a bit hard on them dubs. It's not like I've tried the dub for every anime I've seen. Tell you what... when Geass is released I will give the dub an honest chance, without being an ass about the outcome. Feel free to point me in the direction of some dubs that are actually good too, since I assume that they're ranging from good to bad... just like everything else does.
Nicely done. We probably were a little more aggressive about it since there just seems to be a lot of people like that around who will just bash dubs to high heaven, and nitpick even the best of them for the sake of being nitpicky and finding any reason, even the most insignificant, that not even the biggest fans care about, just to "prove" all dubs are "bad." Add on a dose of not listening to anyone that says it isn't so bad, is great, or has reasons to say they have high faith it'll be good.

And if you want a suggestion, I go back to my Air TV comment. Most people found it better than decent in the beginning (not much to nit pick), but were blown away by the third disk.

Frankly, a lot of people use Cowboy Bebop as an example of one that must be watched in English. Keep in mind that the same people, albeit different actors, will be behind Code Geass. All the same, I find that if you aren't judgemental and just enjoy the show, you really won't care about the dub.
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