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Originally Posted by Nosauz View Post
derp derp... So when I'm an elite mauling your ass in Halo Reach I shouldn't be allowed to play as it because killing humans is somehow more offensive than aliens. Or I shouldn't be allowed to shoot police in GTA because that would be offensive to police... give me a break, this is a non issue, and by the way MOH has been ALLY centric since it's all been WWII European Theatre... seriously at least play the games that your talking about.
Eventually there is going to be something that stops games like GTA from being made. Since some people are actually crazy enough to follow what GTA shows, and defy the police and think they can get away with it.. Somehow people just take examples from video games, and set them in real-life or attempt to.. I dont know why people do it.. But they just do apparently..

Either way, all violent video games are bad in nature, but we play them anyway because we know that they don't affect what happens in real life. We just enjoy them, its not like were getting arrested for playing the enemy of America.. But then again, some people will take offense to those certain types of games, and eventually try to get them banned from being made.

Of course thats just me yakking along
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