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Care to name an actual example of someone actually copying something from GTA? Like an actual case of some one who played GTA and then went on a grand theft auto, cop-killing spree. Considering how criminals have been defying cops since before GTA 1 came out, I find your statement untruthful to say the least.
There are a couple of instances, like the kid who killed his cousin practicing "mortal combat" really wrestling moves, but this is like saying because the Hand Maids Tale was written then it will come true is stupid, entertainment like football is more deadly than say video games, especially due to the big hits, and intensive training where you hear about kids dieing from heat stroke. Ugh anyway I don't see how because "it's innately" bad makes it a reason for banning. I mean so porn should be banned? People should just not try to attempt to legislate or police morality because the truth is morality is different for everybody. What about movies that promote murder? Crime? Adultery? Where does it stop? What about Goya? His art depicts anti government sentiment should his work be "banned" because it is innately promoting revolt and counter culture?
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