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There will be no terrorist threat.

I have my full confidence in the Indian military in keeping the athletes safe from Paki, commies and separatists.
I am not that sure of that though. Their commandoes are still using outdated, uneven-recoil Sterling SMGs.

What I am concerned about is hygiene. It's like the Indians have poisoned the wells.
Hygiene has always been a problem in India. It develops so fast technologically that the infrastructure are not taken into account to be relaid.

I had a neighbour who was hospitalised for 3 weeks after returning from a visit of his relatives in India. Diagnosis is severe food poisoning - and yet he still jokes that Indians here are a billion times luckier than their relatives in India.

Also, I used to work for a health and lifestyle company specialising in water-related products. There was an Indian businessman who walked in, bought a number of water filtration systems (each costing over a thousand dollars), and wrote the delivery address to ship to India, citing the reason that the water filtration systems there are "hopeless".

It is more like the locals have developed an immunity to the environment.

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