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then i don't see a difference in this case. If grandpa is killing arisa cause she's on the wrong side and feels honor-bound to do it because he's head of her family, wtf difference is there?
Arisa trying to kill Shu is also so nice right?
Unless you expect that she wanted to play chess with Shu by using all of those lead bullets from all of those guns.

Sadly if you look at it, Arisa death from her Grandafther should be the most reasonable thing. She does deserve punishment as most of the GC cast, and the most rationable would be death from the hands of ones she wronged. She betrayed all her grandfather did for her, by joining GHQ.
Yes yes she may not liked the marriage and all that shit, I understand. But disobeying marriage is one thing, joining a mass murder psychopathic organization is other.

Unless you think that even if your child would kill hundreds/thousand of people it still ok because he is your child and he is *oh so damn special*.

Like it or not grandpa followed Samurai codex you either understand it or stay quiet about his motives.
The only thing you can complain about is why did he stop his hand and not kill Arisa, which was against his believes.
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