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Originally Posted by Zuul View Post
Nah. That makes her level-headed and fun enough to deal with an unpleasant situation,being forced to hold the candle for a boring and cheesy pair.

But she's certainly not 'Level-headed' and 'fun' enough to deal with this new unpleasant situation huh... Not so fun now that she's on the receiving end.

So I guess... This is somewhat a divine retribution for all those 'fun' she had.

Originally Posted by Zuul View Post
If it were left fo Amata alone, with no Andy, no Kagura and no Zessica. It would still be Amata gazing longuingly at Mikono and spouting a corny line from time to time without doing shit.
Without Zessica, no rooftop scene. It's certainly not Kagura's doing. Kagura just ruined it.
Episode 9.

Amata didn't need external help there.

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