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Believe it or not. Zessica is not the psycho bitch you all want her to be.

I love how you say this after ep 12 of all episodes... and frankly, if it was left to Amata alone with no Kagura and no Shushu and no Fudou they would be much more ahead than where they are now.

Sorry but I can't take the Shushu cockblock seriously. He's nothing but a marshmallow sized ugly rabbit thing after all.
I know that for you dudes, all was going according to the plan, but in canon, Amata needed Dr Love Andy to remind him that doing a move on Mikono was mandatory unless he wanted her to be taken by another dude.
Andy has certainly a very important role in the drastic improvement of Amata's ship.

To me it looked like Amata was hiding himself behind the school's rules to do nothing, until Andy shaked him off out of his passive behaviour.

Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
But she's certainly not 'Level-headed' and 'fun' enough to deal with this new unpleasant situation huh... Not so fun now that she's on the receiving end.

So I guess... This is somewhat a divine retribution for all those 'fun' she had.
No. It's just another character flaw. Bad taste in men.

Episode 9.

Amata didn't need external help there.
Amata needed one of the most convenient and clichéd type of situation you usually find in those lame harem mangas
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